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Mobile Home Communities

Current Projects

White River Estates

Mobile Home Community

Muncie, Indiana

White River Estates Mobile Home Community is a 200 space value-add park located in Muncie, Indiana. This project is a medium-large scale project and represents a great opportunity for our investors.

Fairview Village

Mobile Home Community

Osgood, Indiana

Fairview Village is a mobile home community located in Center Township and the Town of Osgood, Indiana. The community contains 47 operational spaces and sits on 13.1 acres of land. The community is zoned for 66 spaces by the State of Indiana and our goal is to develop the existing land to maximize the community zoning.

Past Projects

Water Tower

Mobile Home Community

Morristown, Indiana

Water Tower Mobile Home Community (MHC) provides a value add investment opportunity for North Peak Development Group (NPDG) and partners. The existing community is well laid out and was kept fairly clean but several inefficiencies limited the maximum potential of the community prior to our acquisition. This is a great opportunity.

Lake Arthur Estates

Mobile Home Community

Remington, Indiana

Lake Arthur Estates is the sole mobile home community in Remington, Indiana and is one of only six communities in Jasper County. Lake Arthur has 46 operational spaces.

Mobile Home Communities

North Peak Development has recently accelerated our investment strategy in mobile home community assets and, given the current climate of the real estate market, will continue that plan with even more velocity. We believe mobile home community investments are a powerful portfolio insulator to any potential economic challenges. Covid-19 has proven this belief to be true in 2020-2022 and we believe it will only increase for years to come.

We are focusing our mobile home community investment efforts in the Midwest due to value and opportunity. We are investing in high-demand areas that are typically in need of significant infrastructure updates, replacement of older homes, vacant-lot infill, and management efficiencies. In large part, our criteria for acquisition are communities with 40+ spaces, have an area population base of 5,000+ residents within 1 mile, and are in close proximity to job diversification and local retail.

Experience Matters

The success of any investment is centered around the caliber of the team. We have a highly experienced team with over 28 years of combined experience in mobile home community investing and management. Our total mobile home community portfolio experience totals over $505m in combined value. Because of our knowledge of this sector, we are able to efficiently evaluate a prospective community while in the due diligence period and make educated decisions on whether or not to proceed with the acquisition. Once the acquisition is complete, we immediately initiate our process for the economic turnaround of the community. There are several steps that we take immediately to improve the quality of life for the residents while also increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI). These steps often include community cleanup, landscaping, road maintenance, infill of new or used homes in vacant spaces, and implementing our in house management. All of these immediate efforts on our teams’ part set a positive tone for the residents while solidifying the future profitability of the community.

Meet the Team

Jeb Koerner

Managing Partner

Director of Development

Mark Taylor

Managing Partner

Director of Acquisitions

Jeff Wallenius

Managing Partner

Director of Operations

Kody Fordyce

Managing Partner

Director of Business Logistics

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